I’m running a 10K, but it’s not for me. I’m running it as a gift for my daughter, who turns 10 in November and wants to run a 10K as her 10th birthday. She asked to run for charity, and she chose’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an organization that helps children with pediatric cancer. So we’ve signed on to raise $2000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand (we’re nearly half way there!) and to run the Disney Enchanted 10K on President’s Day Weekend 2015. That means I have six month to get into running shape. Here are my tools so far:

1. Good Sneakers: My triathlete friend suggested I go to a store specializing in running shoes, and specifically to go to RnJ Sports. Despite some utter embarrassment at having to run toward my 17-year-old shoe specialist, I was fitted with the perfect pair for my feet — these Brooks Dyad 8 sneakers (on the left). My daughter has a pair of new Nike Free sneakers (on the right). Thank goodness for the fact RnJ discounts it’s shoes, as sneakers are spendy! As you can see, my daughter is having a great time pretending her stuffed animals are runners too.


2. Supportive Sports Bras: I had to invest in a few more sports bras, and so far my favorites are the Moving Comforts. Below is my favorite one, the Fiona, which I bought at REI and RnJ.

Moving Comfort Fiona

3. Running tights. It’s hard for curvy girls to buy running bottoms, and some companies don’t even make a size larger than 12, so I was happy to find that the Zella tights (below) at Nordstrom fit nicely, as do the ones from Lucy and Athleta. Can’t say the same thing about some other popular athletic wear brands, though.

Zella tights

And that’s it so far. My training is slow but steady, and I’m committed to making it the distance. If you happen to wan to donate, Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a wonderful organization.

And if you can’t donate right now but now about running: What are your favorite accessories for running? Any tried and true tips for my training? Seriously, I could use all the help and encouragement I can get!