First off let’s just deal with this product’s unfortunate name. Chubby Stick. Perhaps I am just a twelve year old boy but I giggle every time. My very favorite color is Fuller Fig. So I myself, like a fuller Chubby stick.

But I digress.

As a product junkie I am always on the lookout for the perfect lip color and the perfect mascara. Those are the Holy Grails for me. (Along with a magical under eye circle eraser, of course) I must say that the *snicker* Chubby Stick is a pretty good product! It’s reasonably priced at $15 dollars and available at Sephora and almost every major department store. It’s touted as a moisturizing lip color balm, but it’s more like wearing a creamy lip liner as a lip color. And you know you’ve all done that at some point! I sure have.

This is not a long wearing product so expect to reapply regularly, but the available colors are great and the feel of the product is light. If you have dry lips as I do, you might want to add a little clear gloss over it because while it is moisturizing it is a dry product. My sister in law who doesn’t have dry lips tested the Whole Lot of Honey color and loved it.

This is a great go-to product to toss in your purse for quick color on the go. I give it four out of five stars. I wish it lasted a little longer and I wish it was more moisturizing. But the colors are great, the application is easy and convenient and it is worth the $15 bucks.


Till next time…



*P.S. I bought this product myself because I wanted to try it.