I have difficult hair.  It is fine!  It is frizzy!  It doesn’t hold!  But with the right product it can look awesome.  Well, maybe not awesome but not so bad.

For a long time I used to spend a ton of money on Kerastase at my salon.  But then I called uncle on $40 hair care and hightailed to my local Lush at the mall and found cheaper (but still not cheap) hair products that worked just as well and still did not strip my color.  My current favorites are Blousey Shampoo, Hippy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner and dirty cream.  This combination holds my color, gives my fine hair volume, AND keeps it frizz free.











At around $20 a product it is still not inexpensive.  The lovely Jessica turned me onto L’Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Shampoo, which you can buy for about $4.99 at your local drugstore.  And, my hairdresser said the product was quite similar to the Kerastase line.  I haven’t run out of my Lush products yet, but I swear these are my next purchases.

*Disclosure: No products mentioned are sponsored.  All were purchased with my own money.  Some links are affiliate links.  Photo is courtesy of

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