Monsters Inc. has long been a favorite in our house – in fact, it was a favorite before we had kids.

In case this isn’t one of the kids’ films you’ve committed to memory, here’s the quick version of Monsters Inc.: in the city of Monsteropolis, power is generated by the screams of children collected by scarers who work for Monsters Inc., the monster power company. At the top of the scare charts is James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, who lives and works with his best friend Mike Wazowski. Sulley and Mike’s world is turned upside down when a little girl Sulley nicknames Boo finds her way into Monsteropolis, and a fantastic chase through the Monsters Inc. factory (and in and out of children’s closet doors around the world) ensues when Sulley’s rival Randall tries to capture Boo. In the end, Boo makes her way home safely, and Sulley and Mike turn Monsters Inc.’s scare floor into a laugh floor after discovering laughter is ten times more powerful than screams.

But how did Sulley and Mike meet? On June 21, Monsters University will tell the tale of how Sulley and Mike met and became friends after starting off as roommates and rivals.

It’s hard to say who’s more excited for this film in our house: mom and dad or our preschooler.

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