Those of you who are done shopping can just browse some of these picks, but if you’re still buying gifts (I know I am) here is a compilation of items you should consider. Scroll to the bottom for a chance to win several of the items listed.


Smithsonian Star Wars gifts

1. Smithsonian Gifts: If you’re looking for a great local place to shop, stop by the various Smithsonian museum shops for limited edition and unique gifts. Families looking for Star Wars merchandise can get a whole host of items at the National Air and Space Museum like the pictured above: the Death Star & Millennium Falcon Silver Alloy necklaces ($15), the Darth Vader Tin Tote ($15); and the Ewok Beanie ($24-$28) — Boba Fett, Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2, and  BB-8 are also available. Additionally, there are high-end items such as a Yoda  or Chewbacca plush ($150), and a fun office gift, an M&M Star Wars Light Up Lightsaber ($8).

red zeroes

2. Red Zeroes: Available locally at Yogaso Boutique at Pike & Rose in Rockville, this outerwear brand is stylish and made with kids in mind. It’s lightweight, waterproof, windproof, dirt-proof, breathable, durable, and utterly beautiful. No more looking at the pile of jackets and wondering which one is your kid’s, because they all have the same four jackets. We’re particularly fond of their accessories, but the jackets and ski bibs are fabulous too. I wish they made their scarves, hats, and gloves for adults too!

Lil Lingerie

3. Lil’ Lingerie: We admit we were a bit skeptical about the name, but the company makes gorgeous undergarments for infants and toddlers. We love how simple and beautiful the undergarments are, and they work as base layers in autumn and winter and are perfect for summer when all you want is to dress your baby in a onesie and little bloomers. Check out their complete collection.


coloring books

1. HARRY POTTER COLORING BOOK: No explanation necessary other that we’re big “Harry Potter” fans in our house.  2. I HEART COLORING FLOWERS: It’s small, square and easy to store in a purse, backpack, or messenger bag. 3. I LOVE MY HAIR: Andrea Pippins’ gorgeous illustrations of braids, coils, curls, and hair stretching out is beautiful and unique and representative of different kinds of hair. 4. NEON COLORING BOOK: My daughter is obsessed with neon markers she has, so this is a no-brainer in our house. 5. I HEART CUTE COLORING: This is perfect for tweens and young teens. 6. DOCTOR WHO COLORING BOOK: I’m not a “Dr. Who” devotee, but I have plenty people in my life who are, and I know they’ll love this coloring book — as long as they have the perfect TARDIS blue pencil or marker!


family games

1. COMPOSE YOURSELF: The game uses a set of musical “building bricks” that encourages anyone with or without musical ability to “play with” music just as they would with a LEGO construction kit. Recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal. (Ages 6+) 2. CODE MASTER: A puzzle board game that takes kids on a coding adventure that teaches key logic skills rooted in computer programming principles without a computer. (Ages 8+) 3. LASER MAZE™ Jr.: Your mission: Expertly transport the laser beam to the rockets so that it can safely return to earth! Younger players can now experience the fun of the award-winning game Laser Maze. (Ages 6+)  4. RUSH HOUR® SHIFT: The best-selling sliding block logic game is now available for two players. Every move counts in this race as you strategically plot to move your car and cross grid-lock traffic before your opponent. (Ages 8+) 5. SLEEPING QUEENS: This all-ages card game was developed by a 6-year-old girl and her family when she had trouble falling asleep. The kings wake up the queens, and if you collect the most queens, you win. (Ages 8+, but we play with all ages) 6. CARD LINE ANIMALS: This educational but fun card game requires you to place your cards in a line according to either size, weight, or lifespan. (Ages 7+) 7. TENZI PARTY PACK: This dice game is fun for all ages. You roll all ten of your colored dice and try to get all to roll the same number. First one to roll all ten yells out “Tenzi!” — then you play again with different rules. (All Ages)


healthy gifts

1. Fitbit Flex: My 11-year-old daughter just finished trying one out for a week for review purposes and loves it so much, she wants it for Christmas. She loves keeping track of her steps and coming home to see the spikes during her team sports. She plans to run several races in 2016, and I think this would be an excellent way for her to monitor her progress. ($79.99)

2. Sol Republic Headphones: These are great for mom or older teens who run, walk, or just enjoy listening to music with wireless headphones. They’re beautiful, well reviewed, and ideal when you’re tired of the cords getting in the way of your stride ($99)

3. Healthy Juicer: At a fraction of the cost of a Vitamix or Blendtec, your family can enjoy juicing leafy greens with this easy-to-use manual juicer that’s ideal for kids who love to get involved in the kitchen. ($49.99)

Watch a video review of how to use it:

GIVEAWAY TIME: We have the following items to give away to a domestic U.S. address: Lil Lingerie trio of undergarments; Smithsonian Star Wars alloy necklaces of the Death Star, Millennium Falcon; I Heart Cute Coloring book; the Healthy Juicer, and ThinkFun’s Compose Yourself and CodeMaster. Just leave a comment and let us know which items you’re interested to receive, and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. We’ll pick the winners next week, Dec.26, so the items won’t until early January, 2016.