Confession: I am a recovering lip gloss addict. For more years than I care to admit, I have had a tube (or several) within reach at all times: in the car, on my desk, in my purse, on my nightstand, in my pocket.  I slicked my beloved gloss on my lips day and night, and I used so much I bought it in bulk. My motto was the stickier the formula the better…until I had kids.

When my sweet daughter was a newborn, I was perplexed to find glitter on her tiny head one afternoon. Who got glitter on my baby?? I was indignant until I realized…that was me and my goopy gloss. I lost the glitter but struggled to give up the stickiness, resulting in many a picture of one of my sweet babies with a shiny smooch on the cheek. I tried to love balms, but struggled to find one that was both moisturizing and had staying power.

fresh sugar

Enter Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15: it’s light, it’s moisturizing, and it lasts. For the first time in years, I’m applying a lip product just a few times a day, and my lips feel softer and smoother. Sugar Lip Treatment is free of synthetic dyes, petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, and lanolin, making it fantastic for those of us with sensitive skin or anyone in search of a more natural lip product. I love the clear formula, but Fresh also makes several tinted versions – the berry is a beautiful soft raspberry color that instantly makes me feel more polished. At $22.50 it’s pricier than many of my old favorites, but since I’m applying it less often (and no longer buying my lip products by the half dozen) it’s a lasting luxury I’m pleased to have in my beauty arsenal.

And my babies? They’re shine-free in pictures these days.

* All opinions are my own – I bought this product (okay, three of them) myself and will be back for more.


Allison writes about life at home in the Maryland suburbs at Home and Never Alone.