Loungewear.  Does it make you think of polyester leisure suits or silk pajamas? If you are thinking silk pajamas that are more in tune with the Hugh Hefner look then you would be correct.  Loungewear is making a comeback and it is stepping out, literally.  Complete with collared tops and sometimes a drawstring waist these silky sets can come in the button down variety or in square cut tops.  The trend is that these little ensembles are not for lounging at home anymore either. They are for wearing out of doors.

They look luxurious and incredibly comfortable to wear but adding a set of loafers and a cardigan might not be for everyone.  Marie Claire’s October issue is calling loungewear pajamas an “instant classic” that allows the wearer to literally slip into something more comfortable. However, do you really want another excuse to wear your pajamas out in public like an upgraded version of your leggings and sweatshirt?  I have a feeling that this look isn’t something that could really be pulled off at your local Whole Foods, Giant or Target.  Maybe it is just me but as a classic look I just don’t see it.

So, would you wear loungewear with loafers on your next trip out?