Fall nails are all about doing away with the griege phase in polish.  I sort of hope that it will be back next spring because I really do dig that look, but nevertheless there are a slew of new and updated classic nail polish colors that are gorgeous and fun for this fall.

1. OPI Russian Navy– The deep navy blue with a bit of black has been around a few years now but it is the blue hue for this fall.  Grab a bottle, slick it on shortened nails and you won’t be sorry.  It’s perfect for casual days and getting glitzed up.

2.  Essie Power Clutch – Not to do away with the gray in greige completely Essie has created a flat but shiny gray-green color.  It works well during the week at work and out on the town on weekends.

3.  Chanel Peridot– Goes for the luxe look with a striking gold polish with shades of green peeking through.  It is not for the shy but definitely for the bold, short nail.  Some categorize it as a green polish but one swipe will show you it is gold all the way, baby.

4.  Essie Carry On– Rich plum shades with a hint of chocolate will have you thinking about toasty nights and brisk fall days.  It is the perfect shade for the cooler weather and one I predict as one to stick around for a few seasons.

5.  Lancome Big Bang Red– For those looking for something more mainstream yet striking and a bit dashing this solid red is a must have.  It is a classic but new and stunning take on red.

Whatever look you gravitate towards this season just make sure your nails are trimmed, filed and without rough edges, keep those cuticles in check and moisturize those hands to keep them looking their best.  Have fun with it! That is what fashion and beauty are really all about!