Spring is in full bloom here in the District. The Cherry Blossoms put on their annual show, and the tulips are rising from the ground and giving a parade of color. Our thoughts turn to renewal at this time of year. If you are anything like me the Mother’s Day panic sets in too. What do I get for my own mother? Do I ask for the same gift again this year from my own family? That’s sleeping in, drinking hot coffee and not cooking. Thank you very much. A solo movie might be thrown in for good measure.  If you are on the hunt for something that will make Mom feel fantastic or need a little bit of that energy thrown your own way then check out what the Relache spa at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor has in store for clients this spring!  (HINT: There is an awesome giveaway for one lucky reader at the end too!)


This winter dumped the mother-lode of snow and ice on us.  We are all about getting back to sandal-clad feet and stealing time in the sunshine.  What better way to feel invigorated this May than with a stop at Relache Spa (French for “to take a break”) for one of their new botanically-infused signature body treatments? I’m dying to try the Signature Botanical facial that incorporates the fruit acids from fresh apples and grapes to exfoliate the skin and get it glowing again.  It sounds like a little bit of detox heaven, if you ask me.  Spring is beyond busy for our family.  There are sports, end of the year activities wrapping up, family birthdays and parties and yes, Mother’s Day.  I always seem to take on more than my share of extra work this time of year too.  By the time summer rolls around I’m feeling burnt out and the kids are just ramping up. I need a bit of a reprieve.  I need a bit of Relache, it seems.  You don’t have to stay at the Gaylord National Harbor resort to take advantage of the spa and salon.  Just take a look online at all the wonderful, restful services offered within a botanical garden setting and get ready to feel transported, at least for an afternoon.  As soon as I can I’m going to be taking part in one of their quiet services that will give me time to get away from the traffic, schedule and noise. Now, don’t you want in on this little slice of heaven?

The Relache Spa is giving one lucky winner a gift certificate for a Signature Botanical Pedicure! Comment to enter to win. A winner will be chosen on May 7, 2014  It’s valued at $130.