TGI Hulu

Those of us who grew up in the ’90s have something amazing to indulge in and share with our kids: the return of the TGIF lineup for us to binge-watch on Hulu. Right now, thanks to #tgihulu, there are over 800 episodes from TGIF – America’s favorite Friday night shows from the 1990s. Hulu debuts the iconic television shows that marked our childhood/youth: Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Perfect Strangers, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Dinosaurs and Boy Meets World.

Whether you know your Urkel from your Balki from your Topanga or you’re too young a parent (in which case we officially feel old) to know what we’re talking about, these shows are all family friendly and easy to watch again and again. Afterward you can talk to older kids about whether sitcoms have changed much since these shows were on the air.

GIVEAWAY TIME: Enter to win a three-month Hulu trial card (existing subscribers can also win, as long as you don’t have the LIVE TV add-on) and fanny pack full of ’90s flair (scrunchie, tiny troll doll, Lisa Frank sticker book, hacky sack ball)  to celebrate the launch of America’s favorite Friday night sitcoms from the ’90s, TGIF, now available only on Hulu! Just leave a comment here or on Facebook. THREE  (3) lucky readers will win!

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