We all do what we can, right? We pick our priorities and try to live in ways that align with them.

Sometimes, though, it takes a while to find the strategies and practices that work for our family and that are environmentally responsible at the same time.

What works for one family might not work for the next. But a shared idea can be a nudge in a good direction, or simply motivation to start looking for a new solution where we didn’t even realize there was a potential problem.

The Green section here at TheDCMoms.com is launching a series called “Works for me!” What ways have we each created a little slice of Green in our lives? How do we take Green into our own hands?

Whether it’s a fun way to make sure the kids don’t trash any recyclable paper, or a ritual around farmers market excursions, or a make-your-own day when the family churns out homemade cleaners and bath salts, we want to share tips and tricks.

So who’s got something to share? If you’d like to send an idea, be interviewed for a piece, or submit a guest post, please leave a comment below. Posts by me and by other TheDCMoms.com writers will go up on this section most Tuesdays.

If you’re just starting down the road at researching something, you’re in a perfect position to share your journey with other newbies who would love to siphon off your newly-composed link list. Then check back in again when you’re further down the line and have some successes to share (or cautions to avoid!).

After attending the Tour of Solar Homes this past weekend and marveling at what other people have done with their spaces, I’m inspired to go on a surfing expedition to all the company websites in the program. Maybe we can make something good come out of our southern exposure. Check back for the results of my research, and please share your tips and experience if you have any!

I look forward to hearing what Green strategies work for you and your family.

Green section editor Jessica Claire blogs about living naturally — most of the time — at Crunchy-Chewy Mama and writes the column Reading Ingredients: Tales of a Health-Conscious Mom for the Washington Times Communities: Family Today.