About Rebekah

Rebekah is a working mother with an over-developed sense of irreverence and a stubborn affection for the non-profit sector where she has made her career. She blames her parents who told her to go forth and do good in the world instead of telling her to be a glamorous socialite with scads of money and expensive shoes. Rebekah grew up in Rochester, NY where Wegman's forever spoiled her for other grocery stores. She arrived in the DC area in 1996, left in 2000, and returned in 2003, which by her math, means she's lived in either Northern VA, DC, or Montgomery County for 11 years and has spent far too much time in the different DMVs changing her automobile registration to stay current. She and her husband recently gave up their tiny, little, rented love nest on Capitol Hill in favor of buying cute house with a yard (a real yard!) and a playroom (a real playroom!) and a guest room (a real guest room!) but without a dishwasher in Montgomery County. Their marriage remains strong despite sharing dishwashing duty. Together, they are attempting to keep pace with their adorable, brilliant, funny, and extremely energetic two-year old son. When not working, parenting or blogging, Rebekah wanders around the music section in Target wondering who the people on the CD cases are and why they’re all so young. She blogs about her life at Mom-In-A-Million.