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We had a terribly hot and humid summer, so going into our yard wasn’t as pleasant as it usually is, but now that the weather has cooled, we are excited to take advantage of our outdoor space — particularly because it’s not buggy. We have DC Mosquito Squad to thank for that.

The mosquito infestation of the DC area is shockingly worse than what we experienced living in New York City for more than 13 years, and almost as bad as growing up in Miami. Even on the nicest of days, the mosquitoes are out in droves, making outdoor activities unpleasant — at least for those of us in the unlucky percentage of people that get bitten more often than others.

So when DC Mosquito Squad offered to partner with us to show us the difference it can make, we jumped at the opportunity. We are a fairly outdoorsy family (my family more than I, but I go along with it!), and we hate not being able to hang out in our own home. After a season’s worth of DC Mosquito Squad sprays, we’ve had zero problems with a buggy yard, we’ve been enjoying being outside again: playing soccer, practicing field hockey, jumping on our old playground equipment, and generally just running around.

DC Mosquito Squad

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This post was sponsored by DC Mosquito Squad. No monetary compensation was exchanged, but my family was provided with a season of complimentary treatments.