If there’s one silver lining to all this time at home together it’s the opportunity to have more family meals together. Before quarantine, my family of five was often running here, there, everywhere for sports, music, and extracurricular activities, practices, lessons, games. We didn’t always have time to sit down together for dinner. At least once a week (usually Friday or Saturday evening), we order in, as a way to give my husband a break from cooking and to support local restaurants. I’m going to be highlighting some of our favorite take-out meals, starting with Little Sesame.

Little Sesame offered us a free family meal, and since we were already familiar with it (it’s down the street from both my husband’s work and the site of a frequent screening theater, back when watching movies in a theater was a thing), we enthusiastically said yes. We were thrilled to try out their Rotisserie Family Meal. We had a whole chicken and a roasted cauliflower, since my daughter is a vegetarian. 

Family Meal: A whole rotisserie chicken or cauliflower, or half and half, Any two small-sides, any two sauces, a half pint of hummus and five pitas. Cauliflower $36, Half & Half $40, Chicken $45

Cauliflower dish

My family loved our meal. Even though rotisserie chickens are pretty easy to find, the sides and sauces made Little Sesame’s meal extra special. Our favorite sauces (so much so we used the leftovers the next day with pita chips): Green Schug (which reminded my husband of chimichurri sauce), the sweet and spicy Harissa BBQ, and the Labneh Ranch. My daughter says the Roasted Onion Tahini is amazing, but she basically smothered her cauliflower in it moments after I took the above photo and didn’t let the rest of us try it.

The selection of sides we got was fantastic, especially the smashed cucumber salad, roasted potatoes, and roasted peppers (all in the photo). My husband and I particularly liked the beets, and luckily for us, our kids aren’t into them, so we had them all to ourselves.

Whether you drive to Chinatown (there’s also a location in Golden Triangle) or have Little Sesame delivered, your meal will not disappoint. Make sure to keep the leftover sauces for an appetizer plate the next day. We even used the Green Schug on some beef my husband made, and it was delicious!

Follow Little Sesame on Instagram or Facebook. What’s your favorite take-out place around town?