If you love the taste of pumpkin, autumn must be the most wonderful time of year. Even before autumn officially began this past week, pumpkin products started hitting local stores and eateries alongside Halloween candy, trick-or-treat bags, and of course actual pumpkins for carving or cooking. Just as pumpkin spice lattes returned to Starbucks, supermarkets began featuring their seasonal pumpkin favorites.

Giant Food, for example, has introduced a new line of items ranging from pumpkin-infused everyday products like pasta sauce, ice cream, waffles and hummus to specialty meal solutions like fully cooked pumpkin organic chicken, pumpkin and sage ravioli and pumpkin bisque. Have a sweet tooth? Shoppers can also pick up pumpkin cheesecake cookies, pumpkin cinnamon rolls or pumpkin gelato.

Giant Food Pumpkin FoodsI’m not going to pretend that everyone is going to rush out and buy up all 50 products, because even pumpkin lovers have a limit on the sorts of pumpkin-flavored products they enjoy. Our family dug the waffles, Greek yogurt, ice cream, and pasta sauce, but the kids weren’t keen on the tortilla chips, and I’m sort of meh on pumpkin craft soda (I didn’t even like the pumpkin juice at my beloved Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter).

Of course, if you want to try your hand at home-made pumpkin-based foods, Giant Food offers recipes to help with your insatiable need for ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS. Here’s their easy peasy recipe for pumpkin pancakes or this yummy recipe for maple-cinnamon pumpkin dip. And naturally you don’t need a recipe to make our family’s go-to pumpkin snack: roasted pumpkin seeds.

Bottom line: If you love pumpkin stuff, Giant has you covered. Hate the way pumpkin tastes? You just have to make it past the holidays!

Disclosure: Giant Food sent my family complimentary samples of a few different products, but no financial compensation was provided, and all opinions are based on my family’s love of pumpkin.