As I announced last week, I’m trying my hand at working out at various places in the DC area, but for my first week, because of the craziness of settling into the back-to-school routine, I started with an online boot camp run by my friend Karen. I’ve known Karen more for more than a decade, and she’s one of my inspirations for working out. Karen is a personal trainer and mother of three in Austin, Texas, and as a way to help those who don’t live close enough to attend one of her classes, she offers a virtual boot camp that runs for eight weeks.

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I’ll be reviewing the entire boot camp at the end of the eight weeks, but I wanted to highlight the boot camp and explain how it works. For only $45, you receive three workouts a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by about 3AM in your inbox. Each workout is unique and requires you to follow a list of exercises/movements that are linked to a corresponding YouTube page, where Karen demonstrates the move. So if she wants you to do 30 jumping jacks, the word jumping jacks points to her YouTube demo of, well, jumping jacks. While jumping jacks are universally understood, there are PLENTY of movements that require you to watch (and in my case, re-watch) the videos.

So far, the workouts have all been challenging (so much sweating! such hard burpees!) but doable, even for a couch potato like me. In addition to the workouts, every member of the bootcamp is added to a private Facebook group where we can ask questions, check in about our workouts, and keep each other motivated and accountable. I can’t wait to finish the 24th workout and share how my body and my sense of accomplishment has changed!

To register for the next bootcamp, which starts in November, contact Karen or click here.

Stay tuned next Friday when I review Rock Creek Sports Club!