We’ve seen them before. The massage places that pop up in strip malls in our towns that offer relaxing massages for half the price.  They offer memberships for monthly appointments that will send you on your path to wellness. Yet when you enter it is more clinical than spa.  Happily, LaVida Massage is not that type of place.  I was lucky enough to be contacted by them for a review and my tension and apprehension was absolved almost immediately.

LaVida Massage is an innovative wellness concept that likes to think their locations are investing in the health of their local community.  My community being Woodbridge.  They have several northern Virginia locations including, Ashburn and Gainesville.   We all know that massage benefits everyone and it can be an important way to experience alternative medicine as well as alleviate stress and help with sore muscles from working out and fitness training.

That was my issue when I walked in two weeks ago.  The kids were home on spring break, I’ve been on a quest for Michelle Obama arms and my shoulders had reached my ears.  I was dying for some respite.  When I walked into LaVida Massage I was instantly surprised to find a cozy, warm atmosphere devoid of stress or selling.  They offered water and just wanted me to relax before my appointment began.  I had opted for the Hot Stone Massage versus a Sport or Swedish style.  I wanted total indulgence.  My therapist led me down a darkened hallway that was so quiet and peaceful I felt like I was in a luxe spa or retreat, not a strip mall with an ABC store and Starbucks nearby.  The therapist was conscious of my gluten allergy and talked to me briefly about it and then the massage began.  For an hour I was soothed, rubbed and made to feel relaxed and content. The music was soft and restful, the lighting almost put me into sleep  mode.  I was given a damp cloth to wipe off excess massage oils (that’s a first!) and they waited for me in the hall.  I felt loose, happy and peaceful.  I was asked if I had questions at checkout and given recommendations but there was no hard sell or a sit-down about monthly plans which is the last thing you want after a massage. However, many of the other monthly membership places have this tactic and it kills the mood of the massage.

LaVida Massage offers Swedish, couples’, deep tissue, prenatal, and other massages, all performed by licensed and highly experienced massage therapists. Some centers will soon be adding skin care such as facials, peels and waxing to its line-up of services. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day (April 11- May 9), LaVida Massage is giving away 180 massages to moms!  Each center has a Facebook page for friends and fans to upload a photo that celebrates mom and or MOMents.  Each of the 48 LaVida Centers will give away a massage a week.  You can also enter to win a 12, 6 or 3 months worth of massages on their FaceBook page.


*I was asked to review the service and opinions are all my own.  Vicky blogs about fitness, fashion and beauty at The Mummy Chronicles and Mummy’s Product Reviews.