Monday morning when I first heard–via a friend’s Facebook status–that the University of Maryland might join the Big Ten conference, I was slightly confused but mostly really, really excited. A Pennsylvania transplant to Maryland, I grew up on the Big Ten: Penn State football was just about the best thing in the world. And when Penn State didn’t make it to a bowl game or the national championship, we were sure to root for whichever Big Ten team did make it. It was for the good of the conference, you see.

And then I went and fell in love with and married a Buckeye. The force is strong with the Scarlet and Gray and over the past decade I’ve slowly become a Buckeye fan. My loyalty to Penn State remained for quite awhile, until recent events tarnished them forever in my eyes.

Like my husband, dozens and dozens of my friends and colleagues are mid-West transplants to the DC-area. They’re Buckeyes and Boilermakers. Nittany Lions and Spartans. They’re Hawkeyes and yes, even Golden Gophers. And every one that I’ve heard from in the past few days is over-the-moon excited about the possibility of their team coming to play in their backyard.

I know that many Terps have mixed feelings about this move. And, yes, I understand that it really is all about the money. But Maryland, I’d like to welcome you to the Big Ten. I think you’re going to like it here!

And Buckeyes, I can not wait to welcome you to Prince George’s County, MD! Whenever your schedule is set to come here, we’ll be here to meet you. Go Bucks!


It’s Michigan Week so the Ohio State flag is currently flying in front of Aimee’s house; much to her father’s dismay, her transformation to a Buckeye fan is complete. You can read more about life with her crazy boys at Smiling Mama and about family-friendly activities in Prince George’s County, MD, at Family Friendly Prince George’s.