In 48 hours, my kids will be on Spring Break.

Normally, by this time, I’m looking forward to a break. I’m tired of packing lunches and helping with dioramas and book reports. I’m weary of ironing uniforms at 1am and searching for misplaced water bottles. I’m ready for some lazy mornings and evenings spent lingering outside with a glass of wine.

This year though? I have fear in my heart.

You see, a few weeks ago, I made the transition from stay-at-home mom to work-from-home mom. Fortunately, I’ll be home to supervise and entertain my kids while they’re on break. Unfortunately, I’ll be working while I’m doing it.

So far, I love working from home. I have my office space stocked and set up. I try to dress in business casual clothes because I get more done when I “feel” like I’m at work. But, I can also transfer some laundry from the washer to the dryer, or run a forgotten project up to school. It’s the best of both worlds.

Except, perhaps, when the kids are on break.

I’ll need to figure out how to make phone calls and keep the troops from interrupting me for very important issues such as needing fresh batteries or not being able to reach the pretzels. I’ll need to print out documents and not have to wade through paper dolls printed from I’ll need access to the computer for several hours a day, no matter how loud the whining to play Poptropica or Webkinz.

I know. It’s going to be a huge problem.

I do have some tricks up my sleeve though. Rewards for being quiet and self-sufficient while I’m working… donuts for breakfast, frozen yogurt, afternoon trips to National Harbor and Port Discovery. And I’ve already tested that my wifi works in the driveway, so I could lock myself in the car if necessary.

School breaks are always a juggling act. This year, I’ve added another ball to keep in the air. I’m sure I’ll be dropping plenty of them until I get the hang of it.