I will freely admit that I should have taken home economics. I am not good at creating systems for staying on top of domestic chores. It all exhausts me, and I tend to get easily overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that my party of five stacks up. And I do mean stack, because one of my day jobs is to review books, so I have literal piles of them all (and not enough shelves) all around my house. But the one thing that I find harder than anything else to get under control is the amount of laundry I have to wash, fold, and hang. It’s not the washing/drying I can’t do, it’s the timely putting away of the clothes. Then someone recommended I try out Easy Wash and Fold.

Easy Wash and Fold

Easy Wash and Fold is a family-run local laundry business that picks up and delivers your laundry. Run by two brothers-in-law with young children, Easy Wash and Fold started their delivery service to supplement their two brick-and-mortar laundrymats. They understand that families need help with their laundry, whether occasionally or regularly. The first service is 25% off, and they pick up and deliver within 24 hours. Here’s how easy it is for D-M-V residents:

  1. Call or Text: 301-960-8353: tell them you saw our post about 25% off your first order. Agree upon a pickup time.
  2. Gather all of your dirty clothes in either garbage bags or mesh/cloth hampers.
  3. When Easy Wash and Fold picks up, give them your bags. Within a few hours, they will email you an invoice to be paid via PayPal for your total. Pricing is as follows: $1.50 per pound, with 20 pound minimum ($1.50/lb, 20 lb. min); $15 per blanket/comforter, any size (twin, full, queen, king); and $5 fuel fee per service (total for pick-up and delivery)
  4. Pay your invoice and the next day, they’ll drop off your folded laundry.

I can’t tell you how much it meant for me to see an empty laundry room. I was thrilled to get back on track and will use Easy Wash and Fold again, most likely after vacations, for blanket and comforter cleanings, and whenever I feel overwhelmed again, because who has time for that? I may not have the budget to do it every week (although the owners say some of their regulars do), I will definitely call them again.

Disclaimer: I received the same introductory 25% discount offered to all first-time customers. No compensation was received for this post.