Finished Cascarones

I learned about cascarones — confetti-filled eggs — the first Easter I spent with my then-boyfriend-now-husband, Abel. We were walking down the street in San Antonio, TX, and suddenly Abel’s father was cracking an egg over the head of Abel’s mother. Pretty soon we were all in on the fun. I often joke that learning about cascarones made marrying into a crazy Mexican family worth it. And, although I’ll admit to you that there are lots of other great things about my husband’s heritage, cascarones are definitely my favorite!

To have enough cascarones by Easter, I start saving egg shells on Ash Wednesday. I like to have a lot of cascarones so we end up eating a lot of eggs during Lent! I just carefully crack the eggs open from the smaller top part of the egg then rinse them out (you can use soapy water if you worry about salmonella) and put them back in the carton to dry and stay safe.

Just before Easter dye your eggs like normal, let them dry upside down on newspaper then fill with confetti. I’ve heard rumors of people filling a few eggs with flour as a trick, but that sounds like no fun to the person who’d later have to wash those clothes and clean up tracked-in flour on the floors!

After the eggs are stuffed with confetti, just glue a small piece of tissue paper over the hole.

Then make sure you do a sneak-attack on your kids to get the fun started!!

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