I love Philosophy products. They are cruelty free, philanthropic and (selfishly) they are good products. By and large they do what they say.

That’s why The Present was a bit of a disappointment. It is basically a glorified primer which is promoted as a clear make up skin treatment. Don’t let it fool you, it’s not a miracle clear product that will do away with the need for foundation or cover up. The promotional statement says you will need 50% less make up…eh, not so much. However, if you have oily skin it does seem to reduce shine a bit.

The Present feels lightweight on the skin, while being both smooth and a bit chalky at the same time.  It must set for 2 minutes before applying another product on top of it. This has not become one of my daily products, but I do tend to use it around my eyes. It does help set up your skin for great eye make-up adhesion especially during the humid DC summer days.  It retails for $26 at Sephora.

If you like primers this might be a good option for you, however I think it is over priced for what it is. If you’re going to open your wallet for a spendy primer, I say go with the best: Smashbox. It’s less expensive, features an SPF and is a beauty cult favorite.

I give The Present a three out of five stars.

*I was given this product as a gift from a friend. All opinions are mine.