Tiny Prints

Courtesy Tech Savvy Mama

All parents want wonderful photos of their kids. That’s why we purchase spendy digital cameras we may not even know how to use properly in order to capture that special shot. But let’s not kid ourselves, not everyone has a way with their camera, but thankfully we at The DC Moms know someone who does.

A couple of weeks ago, several DC Moms had the opportunity to attend a Tiny Prints holiday party held at local portrait photographer Mary Gardella’s Love Life Images studio in Savage, Maryland. Mary was kind of enough to share her tips for family photography and take headshots of all the bloggers present. We were also able to peek at Tiny Prints’ 2011 collection of holiday cards.

I have been a Tiny Prints devotee since early 2008, when I purchased my youngest son’s birth announcements from them, so I was excited to pick out my favorite designs (I love the Berry Wonderful, but my husband the traditionalist is partial to the Sloping or  Elegant Snowfall) for our fourth year of Tiny Prints Christmas cards.

Mary Gardella

But enough about my Christmas cards. Mary had some great advice for parents who attend studio sessions or are hoping to snap a memorable shot of their kiddos — whether for that annual holiday card or just a fab, frame-worthy photo.

My photo philosophy for taking great portraits is to be discreet and most importantly, patient!  Engage the child in an activity that will bring out their little personalities (reading a favorite book, coloring/painting, singing songs, sitting up, belly time, dancing, tickling, furniture surfing, taking a bath, picking flowers, etc..). Look for the moments that make you smile. These are amazing times of growth and change in your child’s life.  It’s so fun as a parent to witness the moments happen, it’s even more precious to capture the moments for a lifetime.

For those who want to check out Mary’s portrait studio in the historic Savage Mill, she offers an incredibly affordable deal called $50 Fabulous Fridays. On the fourth Friday of every month, Mary accepts five lucky families for a mini-session. Pick your Friday wisely, as each family is only eligible for the special offer once a year! For December, $50 Fabulous Friday is on Dec. 16!

Each family receives a 5×7 print, and Mary says it’s a great way for prospective clients to get introduced to Love Life Images’ studio experience. “We hope they’ll love us enough to come back!  So far, we see our clients return to us time and time again,” Mary says. “We do everything in our power to provide a one-on-one customer experience that is helpful and personable.”

Interested readers should call Love Life Images directly at 410.491.5433 to see if there are still spots available for the Dec. 16 session.

Thank you to Mary for taking headshots of all the bloggers at the event and to Tiny Prints for offering each of us holiday cards.