eyeliner tipsThere is a beauty product out there that scares the beejeezus out of everyone.  Even the most accomplished make-up artist has a weak spot.  Mine, is eye liner.  The preciseness, the fine lines, even smudging techniques make me feel like an epic failure.  Hating failure and thinking that being scared of eye liner is pretty lame I’ve taken some time recently to learn some tips and tricks.  Now, a bit more confident, I’m sharing them with you.

Not all liners are the same.  Sure they may look like a pen or pencil but depending on the consistency they do different things.  Pencils are best when creamy so that they can glide across the skin without skipping.  It makes those wings and cat-eyes easier to create as well.

Liquid Liners are the hardest to master so go slow.  They are perfect for thick lines and if there is a shine to the finish then that’s the best one to buy.  How do you know?  If it is a marker liquid liner then it will have a dull finish.  A brush tip offers a shinier finish.

Out of liner or want something that isn’t so hard to remove?  Use eye shadow instead.  Just wet the tip of a liner brush and dip it into the shadow.  Slowly dot or line the edges of your lids for a line that stays all day.  I use this one the most often.

Don’t be afraid of color.  Before I started using eye liner on a regular basis (like five years ago) I never dreamed of using anything but a basic brown or black liner.  Now I embrace new colors each season.  I wore white just yesterday.  Look in my collection and you’ll find silvers, golds, purples, blues and greens.  Here’s a quick tip- purple is the safest of the colors as it looks great on everyone and is hard to mess up.  Green is great for blue and green eyes while blue is excellent for layering for dramatic to soft effects.

If you really want some help then watch some tutorials on YouTube or the EcoTools website.  You can learn some killer basics from both sites.

There you have it.  Some quick ideas on eye liner that can really maximize your look.  Now go!  Try some cat eyes!