• Name: Aaron Paul (aka Jesse Pinkman, yo!)
  • Age: 32
  • Hometown: Emmett, Idaho
  • Marital Status: Single, Dating history is sketchy and at last note, he was dating actress Jessica Lowndes from “90210.”
  • You Know Him From: A ton of TV shows including, “CSI,” “Joan of Arcadia,” and “Big Love” he really is best known for his Emmy nominated and won role as Jesse on “Breaking Bad.”
  • Why Him: To be honest I cannot quite put my finger on it.  I tend to go for non-blondes like Henry Rollins, Adrien Brody and Christian Bale.  Yum!  I will admit that I think it is totally due to his stellar performance as Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad” that I have developed this goofy, swoony, little crush.  The characters combination of stupidity, youth, brashness and bad boy ways kind of bowls me over each week and I can’t help but lust after that dumb little meth head/cooker each time he adds the word, “Yo” to the end of a sentence.  Like the Great Pyramids themselves, some crushes just cannot be explained.