Sometimes I find that perhaps I spend too much time pondering silly things. Recently I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time wondering what I means that two out of the three Fall shows  I am looking forward to are throwbacks to a time when women were second-class citizens. I mean, who are we kidding we still have a ways to go what with the income discrepancies and such. But what does it say about me as a modern woman that my DVR is already set up season pass style for “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club”?

Dare I dream that “The Playboy Club” will feature the empowerment of women though sexuality? With these long legged scantily clad ladies taking control of their power and using it for their own devices? Or will it, much more likely, be the same old sex, intrigue, and murder set in the extra sexy setting of a club and featuring fabulous Valley of the Dolls hair? I’m betting on the latter. But either way, I cannot tell a lie, I’m hooked already!

“Pan Am” features perhaps less skin in the ladies required uniforms but features the same formula. Ladies as servants and sex objects with high grooming standards and low weight requirements. Surely this also will feature sex and intrigue but this time high above the ground.  From the looks of the commercials we are in for more objectification of women, with a wink and nod that “Mad Men” doesn’t feature.

Why do we love these throw back shows so much? Other than the clothes…what was so great about a world where if a women worked her options were Secretary, Playboy Bunny, Stewardess and Nurse? (Surely a 1960’s hospital show with sexy nurses bursting at their well-tailored seams is in the works and if not, hey Hollywood? I thought of it first.) Didn’t our grandmothers and mothers work hard to break through those barriers so that we could be CEO, Club Owner, Airline Pilot and Surgeon? And yet…and yet, I myself cannot wait to watch these shows.

The third show on my radar is “Up All Night” featuring the ever adorable Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as her hilariously handsome husband. I can’t wait for this one because I’ve lived it, the sleepless nights and all. With the modern twist that she is the breadwinner and he stays home with the baby; I think this one is a sure fire winner.

Perhaps I’m over thinking it, I should just relax, enjoy the ride, and buy some Aquanet and gel eyeliner because big hair and cat eye make-up is going to be in next season.

**”Playboy Club” promotional photo courtesy of NBC