Uncle Julio's

There’s something so viscerally satisfying about the moment a goodie-filled piñata opens, and all the treasures spill out. It’s no wonder that Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant is excited to share the news about their latest special dessert, the Chocolate Piñata.

Uncle Julio’s on Bethesda Row treated my family to dinner, topped up with the Chocolate Piñata. It was a perfect day for us to try out the indulgence, because it was the weekend after several recitals (dance, flute, guitar) and academic achievement awards. We decided to share the table-side guacamole and the family-wide combination platter — a fajita steak, chicken, shrimp, and ribs dish that feeds 4 (sooo good, and there was so much leftover, we had it again for dinner the next night). My vegetarian daughter enjoyed a meatless taco salad and also only ate half of it. She’s somewhat of an expert on vegetarian taco salads, and she emphatically said this is her new favorite.

After our appetizers and main course, which we purposely didn’t finish in order to save room for dessert, our table was cleaned in preparation for the big moment. When the Chocolate Piñata arrived, everyone in the dining room turned their eyes to us to see what the fuss was about, and the kids took turns lightly whacking the chocolate orb until the churros and berries spilled onto the wax paper-covered presentation tray. Once the churros and berries were available, we all dug in, using fondue spears to dip the churros, berries, and chunks of chocolate in whipped cream and caramel sauce.

I was skeptical about the allure of it, figuring who would want to spend $25 on a dessert, but if you go with your family or a crowd of friends, it’s actually less expensive per person to split the piñata than to get individual desserts!

Watch a video about the Chocolate Piñata:

Find your closest Uncle Julio’s here, and if you have any reason to celebrate, don’t forget to splurge on the Chocolate Piñata!

We tend to share bigger dishes with our youngest, but if you have kids who still need to order from the kids’ menu, they have one that include quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, etc. all for between $5.59 and $6.39 (drinks and a side of fruit available for $1.99 each).

Disclosure: As I mentioned earlier, my family was treated to a complimentary dinner including the Chocolate Piñata (we did however, pay the gratuity).