has revamped their mobile app to make shopping even easier – and they’ve added a Local Farm Box option, so you can get a taste of being part of a CSA – without having to commit to every week delivery. Read on to find out how you can win a $100 gift card to test out Peapod for yourself!

My husband is the primary grocery shopper in the family. It’s not a task I enjoy – in part because I find being in the grocery store so stressful. My observations, few as they may be, lead me to believe that people (including myself) do not always bring their best selves to the store. And who can blame them? Inside the store you are bombarded with all manner of visual stimuli in order to attract your attention to particular products. Unless you’re shopping in the middle of the day, the store can be crowded. And my goodness, the number of things that get added to the cart by a child can really pile on to the stress. My husband maneuvers this all with ease, but I am overwhelmed and walk away with at least twice as many things as I intended.


Pull out your smartphone or your computer, place your order and then sit back and wait for delivery. The app can make suggestions based on filters set by the consumer and past purchases. My experience was that the suggestions were pretty good and definitely reduced my shopping time. As part of my order, I ordered the Peapod Local Farm Box, which reminded me of the many years I have been part of a CSA. I loved getting great fresh, local produce at the right time of year – but every week proved to be a little much for my crew that likes to go out of town (always on the CSA delivery day, it seemed). So I consider this a next best option – and it did spark some fun for dinner.

Our Local Farm Box contained exactly what I expected – potatoes, onions, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, and melon. All of the items were super fresh and made cooking dinner a snap. Peapod even included a few recipes to spur a bit of inspiration. I’d say it was enough produce for a few meals – but certainly not a week’s worth of meals or anything on that scale. (The price is only $29.99 at my local store.) You can check out what’s in the local box before you purchase here, but I think part of the fun of a CSA is the surprise.

Ordering was a snap and there were many reduced price delivery options, one of which I took advantage of. The groceries do not get dropped on your porch (unless you arrange that) and the delivery person who dropped my groceries off carried them into the kitchen for me, which was a huge help. The delivery windows are also small enough that you don’t spend your whole day waiting on a delivery!

I’d definitely use the service again, if only to avoid having to be inside the grocery store. has weekly specials, similar to the in-store specials, and you can use coupons if you want.

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