williamsburg_oldA week ago, my husband and I decided to take the kids to Williamsburg to celebrate 4th of July. Last year, we had a ball in town at Long Bridge Park (which I highly recommend, if you’re sticking around and on the Virginia side). And this year, we considered meeting friends traveling from Nashville to the beach. We’ve gotten so spoiled by Labor Day’s emptiness at the beach we passed on that offer. Williamsburg seemed like it might be the perfect fit. An amusement park, a water park, and some Colonial fun! SOLD!

We quickly booked a suite with separate bedrooms for the kids – and made sure the pool had a hotel. We’re counting on watching a movie or two at night while the kids sleep and enjoying some swim time after hot days being tourists. We’re trying to do this vacation on a budget, so we were thrilled to see that there’s a movie showing by the hotel pool one night. That makes our first night of entertainment already planned (and free)! After that, we’re going to pinch a few pennies by picnicking for 4th of July. We had originally hoped to dine at the one historic restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg that has a good fish menu (not everyone in my group eats meat), but alas,  Christiana Campbell’s Tavern was booked (though we do recommend it from prior visits). So instead, we’re planning to head to a grocery store and slap together a picnic that we can enjoy while we watch the fireworks.

Not surprisingly, there are a bunch of activities going on to celebrate the 4th, although I’m a wee bit nervous about the tomahawk throwing! The secret weapon we’re bringing to the picnic is our new Stinger All Natural Mosquito Repellent Lantern. We test drove it at home and are hopeful that we can enjoy a bug free evening experience, without loading up on bug spray!

We’re planning to spend the hottest day at the water park, and the first day at Busch Gardens. I’ll update this post on my return to let you know about crowds. In the meantime – any advice from folks who have been to Williamsburg for the 4th before?

Elaine and her husband used to love taking trips with little planning, but since children, she’s turned into more of a planner. She’s excited to see how this one turns out, and will document it over at Connor and Helen Grow Up!