Trips to the mall often end in a visit to the food court, where options tend to be heavy on the fried and greasy side. My kids are always happy to go for fries and a toy, but I usually leave wishing there was a better, healthier option.

On our family’s last visit to Montgomery Mall, I was pleasantly surprised to see that something better has arrived, in the form of Wicked Waffle. An offshoot of my family’s very favorite breakfast spot, Mosaic Cuisine and Café, Wicked Waffle offers the lightest, airiest waffles you’ve ever put a fork to along with delicious soups and salads.

First things first: let’s talk about those waffles. These are not your standard waffle, ready to be smothered in syrup and butter. Wicked Waffle’s waffles are impossibly light and crisp, and they pair equally well with sweet and savory dishes. At Mosaic, a square of waffle is served in place of toast.

Options include breakfast waffles, sandwiches, dessert waffles, and soups. I had a lunch combo and chose half a walnut grape chicken salad sandwich and a cup of vegan lentil soup, and my husband tried the wicked club. Both sandwiches were crisp and delicious, and the soup was fantastic. I’ve also tried the prosciutto, mozzarella, and arugula sandwich, and I think that might be my favorite so far. The dessert waffles looked mighty tempting as we waited for our order, and I may have to try the nutella waffle on our next trip to the mall.

Vegan and vegetarian options are available, as are gluten-free waffles. You can check out the full menu here. Wicked Waffle also has a location in downtown DC, just off Farragut Square.

Wicked Waffle has me doing the impossible: looking forward to the next time my kids ask to go to the mall (because those Build-a-Bears don’t sprout accessories and dress themselves). Check it out for a light and delicious lunch the next time you’re at the mall.


Allison paid for her own delicious waffles. When she’s not talking her way out of trips to Build-a-Bear Workshop, she writes about life at home in the Maryland suburbs at Home and Never Alone.