This post is sponsored by Boloco and Nasoya, which sent me a $20 gift certificate to try a tofu burrito.

We get pitched a LOT of giveaway opportunities here at The DC Moms, but I never agree to them unless one of us actually wants to review the item being offered. In the case of Boloco, it was a no-brainer, because it’s actually one of my family’s favorite places to eat. I first spotted the Boloco in Bethesda last July when I was walking around Bethesda Row for one of my seemingly monthly visits to the Apple Genius Bar.

Boloco tweet

I still remember my overly cautious first order: a small original burrito with a nutella shake. It was amazing, and ever since sharing the culinary experience with my kids (I even bought a Groupon back in January), we’ve gone about 10 times — nearly once a month. That’s a lot considering we’re supposed to be on a budget and limiting our meals out of the house.

Boloco tweet

Boloco is not your typical burrito joint. It’s Globally Inspired Burritos are nothing like the same-old Tex-Mex/fast-food recipes many burrito eaters have come to expect, but as the company’s logo makes clear, the Boloco burritos are internationally themed. The menu contains everything from the domestic, like Memphis BBQ and Cajun, to the far-flung, like Tikka Masala to Bangkok Thai. While you’re eating, you can watch videos from their YouTube channel, including their Culinary Investigation Assignment, that tracks down the origins of their ingredients. Their latest is collaboration with Nasoya about how tofu is made. Check it out:



I tried the tofu (not my usual source of protein for a Boloco burrito) recently with the Bangkok Thai (peanut sauce, Asian slaw, cucumbers and brown rice), and it was fantastic. I didn’t “miss” the meat at all. It was flavorful and juicy, and the kids kept asking for more bites — which I didn’t appreciate. We even scored a free bag of “Beanitos” to try that day, so needless to say we weren’t hungry again for hours and hours.

Boloco burrito

Want to try a Boloco burrito yourself? Check out their menu and tell me which burrito you’d order in the comments, and you might win a $10 Boloco gift card. Deadline to enter the giveaway is 11:59 PM next Tuesday, Aug. 13. I’ll pick a random winner next Wednesday.