We eat a lot of dairy in our house — even though my husband is actually lactose intolerant and has to take Lactaids on a regular basis, we all love it. My kids and I don’t chug milk by the gallon full, but we eat cheese, yogurt, cereal with milk, and ice cream on a regular basis — getting our three recommended servings of dairy a day is never a problem. Because of our love of dairy, it was a no brainer to accept a recipe challenge incorporating the REAL® Seal ingredients.

Since the kids are away at sleepaway camp (well, the youngest is at grandparents’ camp), my husband and I decided to make what we call Grown-Up Quesadillas. We call them that, because for the most part our kids only want plain cheese quesadillas, but we like them spicier and with more fillings.

My husband — the one who cooks — says quesadillas might as well be PB&J sandwiches; in other words, they don’t require recipes, just a bunch of ingredients you stick between two flour tortillas and heat on a skillet. So we didn’t exactly take stock of the measurements (he says it’s all according to your appetite and taste). Make this quick and easy recipe when you and your hubby want something a little more sophisticated than “just cheese.”

1. Get a package of flour tortillas, shredded cheese, your choice of meat and/or beans, and toppings. We got chicken, guacamole, salsa, and the REAL® Seal certified ingredient — Breakstone’s sour cream. We already had peppers and onions from our local CSA, so we didn’t have to buy those.

quesadilla ingredients

2. My husband sauteed the peppers and onions, sliced the chicken, and combined all of the ingredients.


3. He put everything between two flour tortillas on our cast-iron skillet and cooked until the tortilla turned golden. Then I topped them with dollops of the guac and sour cream. Que rico!


4. For dessert, we had ice cream that also sported the REAL® Seal.

ice ceam

Looking for the REAL® Seal assures you that the dairy products you’re buying, whether it’s butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, even frozen pizza, meats specific guidelines. To receive the certification, the products cannot contain imported, imitation, or substitute milk or dairy ingredients, so you’re supporting America’s Dairy Farmers.

Disclosure: REAL® Seal provided me with a $100 gift certificate with which to purchase my recipe challenge ingredients. No other compensation was received.