It’s a week of giveaways at TheDCMoms!

Stay tuned for more, but for today – if you were busy snapping photos yesterday of your children and their Dad, maybe you snagged a photo that you’d like to keep as a printed memory, rather than storing it with the thousands of other photos currently residing on your hard drive. If that’s the case, then enter the giveaway below to win a free 8 x 10 canvas print (valued at $441.71) from Easy Canvas Prints!

When you upload a photo to Easy Canvas Prints, you’ll know right away whether it’s of high enough quality to look good on whatever print option you decide. Beyond that, I recommend using canvas to enhance the richness of

  • people photos – where the canvas can provide some depth to your photo that might be lacking if there’s not a lot going on;
  • photos of a favorite memory – where the high quality canvas will stand the test of time; and
  • photos that capture a favorite place – as long as the photo isn’t too busy.

I’m thinking of printing this one, which captures my children in the neighborhood moonbounce the adore so much.









Easy Canvas Prints highly recommends: TheDCMoms

Good luck!

Elaine blogs about her children at In exchange for posting this giveaway, she’ll receive a free 8×10 canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints. Prior to this giveaway, she has used the company for her own photos and been happy with the resulting product.