One of the hardest things about having small children is, honestly, picking what to watch on TV after they are asleep. Finding a show that my husband and I BOTH like is even more challenging. For me, usually anything HBO puts out is a winner, and Game of Thrones is no different.


I will admit, it took me awhile to warm up to this fantasy / science fiction show, and I barely made it through the first few episodes. Once I got the many Medieval-esque characters straight in my head and could follow the story line jumping around from kingdom to kingdom, I was golden.

Part of the confusing brilliance of this show is that it is based on the George R.R. Martin book series, which is filled with an INSANE AMOUNT OF DETAIL. Most of the tomes are well over 600 pages. HBO couldn’t possibly include all of the images and intrigue he creates in the books, but they have some great stuff to pick from. As a result of this, each character comes to have an in-depth background and psyche that you become attached to with either a deep love or hate.

The shows are filled with cunning plot twists and turns, spectacular action and fight scenes, gorgeous set designs, creepy vampire-zombies, evil witches and sex, sex, sex. (This is HBO after all, and what is HBO without a little a lot of nudity?)  Season 3 premiered last Thursday night, and in the past it has been non-stop drama!

If you looking for something new to try, the Game of Thrones is a winner! Set your DVR to record and watch the first two seasons first, though, before trying to dive in. And cheers to the steady stream of HBO entertainment we have coming our way for the next six months with the promise of more True Blood and Boardwalk Empire coming up soon, too!


When not planted in front of the TV, Shannon writes about her family at Make Time For Love.