I collect apps the way I used to collect shoes. I love them, as with most people I use my iPhone for many things, keeping in touch with family, tweeting with friends and emailing for business. These are the five most used apps on my phone, there are many others, (twitter, oh twitter!) but these guys are in heavy rotation and I am so glad I have them! I chose to take both Twitter and Facebook out of the running because those are givens for me, anyway.

1. Instagram: What would I do without this groovy little photo filtering and sharing app? How did people live before instagram? I take a billion pictures of my kids and my day and my poor instagram followers are forced to see them. Bless them, every one.

2. Snapseed: This is a userfriendly photo editing app which can make a good photo look great and will upload direct to flickr, facebook, twitter or email.

3. Elmo’s Monster Maker: The app I hate to love. I have a three year old and every once in a while it is simply a matter of survival to hand over your iPhone and say here…play with THIS! Max can create and play with several of Elmo’s friends, dressing them and taking them on picnics or on a roller coaster ride. The only flaw in this app is the section where kids can take a picture of their monster and it actually saves the pictures to your phone. Because you need 35,000 pictures of a monster.

4. Learning Touch First Words Animals: This is a spelling app for little ones that my kid LOVES. It matches sounds with pictures and spelling tiles for an easy to use fun spelling experience.

5. ShopKick: This is a shopping app (duh) where you collect ‘kicks” when check in at a participating store. Collect a certain amount of kicks and you can redeem them for perks such as gift card. Stores frequently offer deals or percentages off just for walking in. Makes shopping even more fun. If you like shopping. Which I do.


When Stephanie isn’t playing on her iPhone she blogs at Dial M For Minky, sometimes from her iPhone. WordPress app for the win!