The big sparkly, red, white and blue day is upon us!  Get patriotic, wear your country’s colors with pride!  End up looking like a flag and a fashion don’t?

I’m being silly, really. While I don’t condone or love the look of flag shirts I see nothing wrong with going patriotic and wearing a bit of the old red, white and blue on July 4.  Wear that gorgeous blue and white striped dress you have in your closet. Throw on some daring red lipstick and paint your nails and toes red. Today is the day to celebrate and wear all three colors at once! Be a dork like me and color coordinate your kids!

Just don’t do any of this-

Guiseppe Zannotti stilletos only want you to be a fashion don’t.

Denim short shorts. An ugly no-no. Looks like a Wonder Woman reject.

This looks like a disease. It flatters no one.