I am a big fan of Susan Wagner and her blog, The Working Closet.  I read it all the time, admire Susan’s clothes and practicality and gush over her at blog conferences.  Then I go into my own closet and cry.  Actually, it more like I try to squeeze into my closet, curse a few times and have a hanger pop out and almost blind me and then I cry.

Something had to give in that over-stuffed thing and it wasn’t just putting away the winter clothes and shoes.  I also could not convince my husband to give up anymore of his already teeny tiny section of the closet.  No, I had to really get down and dirty in there and sift through every category of clothing, each shelf and rack to figure out what could stay and what could go and find a new home.  I needed to not just admire Susan’s working closet but create one of my own.

When I ripped through that monsters innards I found these relics that now deserve a second look.

A pair of citrus green pants from the Old Navy, circa 2006.  I bought these the spring I returned to work after having my first child.  I haven’t worn them since but they still fit and I’m going to make good use of them this season.

This white faux-leather, eco-friendly purse.  It still has the tags on it. I purchased it from a TJ Maxx in Wyoming last spring when I was on a business trip.  Never used and still so cute I am going to make a conscious effort to trot it out this summer. Perhaps with those green pants?

Pretty pink skirt from H&M. I wore it to a friend’s rehearsal dinner in 2004. Yes, that long ago.  Have I worn it since then? Yes, all the way to 2005.  I fit into it again, most days and it is very ‘Mad Men’ with its extra layers and A-line charm.

I also found these when I was digging through the darkest depths of my closet.  Those are indeed decorative rooster plates you are viewing.  Why they are in my closet I will never know.


The best find of all?  This navy wooden-handled purse.

It dates back to the 80s when I just “had to have” a piece of real preppy style.  I really want to use it again but I have a feeling that trend was about three years ago.  I might have to wait five more years for someone at “re-discover” the Preppy Handbook again.

What it all boils down to is that I’m trying to re-purpose what already exists in my wardrobe.  There are beautiful things in there that can still be worn that haven’t seen the light of day in years.  There are things, like rooster plates, that don’t belong but might find a good home elsewhere.  I’m not done by far, my shoes are a mess and there are sweaters on the shelves mixed with scarves but I’m working on making the most of what I’ve got instead of trying to cram one more new item in there.


Vicky Mason is the Fashion/Beauty Editor for DC Moms. She writes about affordable fashion and beauty daily on her own blogs, The Mummy Chronicles and Mummy’s Product Reviews