Fancy Pants?  As in “Hey Fancy Pants! Are we going to a party!”  Perhaps you are but my real question is about this new spring 2012 trend.  Would you wear fancy pants?  Would you feel embarrassed knowing that you were wearing not just floral or bright print pants but also something with the moniker “fancy pants”?  Does it sound too much like bossy britches to you too?

What the heck are fancy pants anyway?  They are the newest thing to come down the runway for spring and can be found in many high end stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf and Saks.  Done right and on the smallest of physiques the original concept of  ‘fancy pants’ can look acceptable and even a bit, dare I say it, “kicky”.  No pun intended.

As seen in other stores, Target for one, there are a wide range of fancy pants versus the initial slim cut, floral and large print pants.  Fancy pants are now showing up as wide palazzo styles, bright colored denim (pencil cut) and as capri pants.  The purple fancy pants by Nanette Lepore are fantastic and the cut is current but also accessible for more body types.

The question is still hanging out there?  Would you wear fancy pants?  If so, which style?