We all know fashion can get a bit weird and avant garde.  Those also make for some pretty iconic pieces like the Dior dress from the 1950s, the Balenciaga bubble coat and that never going to go away cone bra from by Gualtier.  This season one of the “hot” fall trends is a fur purse.  I’m talking shaggy, long-haired fur.  Fur that looks like you might have used the tiny dog, all the rage years ago, finally lost its appeal and you made it into a purse.  Some look luxuriously soft while others just plain frighteningly furry. I’m talking snow beast furry.

My question is this- Would you carry a fur purse?

If not, why?  Is it an ethical issue or simply because you think a fur handbag is gauche and ugly?  Perhaps it is my reason, which is that it is a purse. A purse that looks like the Abominable Snowman gave his life to make me a bag.  Because in my own Veruca Salt way I wanted it because I could have it.  That just seems downright excessive and yes, a bit gross, in such hard economic times.