Big Apple CircusI have an intense, deeply rooted fear of clowns. It dates back to when I was a wee babe, and my nursery was decorated with them.  Red, white and blue freaky looking clowns.  I have distinct memories of peering out from the bars of my crib and seeing them as dresser knobs and wall hangings.  To this day I still shudder when I think of them.

I make an exception for one clown and one clown only, Grandma, from the Big Apple Circus.  It is in town now and always one of my favorite things to do with my kids. The Big Apple Circus is a fun, entertaining and intimate event that feels exciting and larger than life each time we attend.  One of the highlights to me and other fans of the Big Apple Circus is Grandma.  To people that are afraid of clowns, this is the only one in the show, and she is not scary.  Played by Barry Lubin, Grandma is making her farewell tour across the country this year.  You don’t want to miss her!  My kids love when she goes through the crowd, makes her bumbling entrance and plays tricks on the circus performers.  She’s not creepy, menacing or too cute or dumb either.  No, Grandma is smart.  Grandma is what you want your own Nana to be like but funnier.  Her big purse is loaded with fun surprises and she always has a trick up her sleeve. No moment is ever dull when Grandma is around.  I think my kids really clue in to that and love her character for those very same reasons that I do.

Grandma with her feistiness, red dress, gray wig,  black tennis shoes, white bloomers, and strand of chunky pearls is a big part of the Big Apple Circus. She will be missed, but she isn’t the  heart of the circus.  Performers like juggler Dmitry Chernov will wow you with his classic ‘Dima Black’ act; a singing ring-mistress played by Jenna Robinson, a family of trapeze artists known as the Flying Cortes; and many more performers and animals make up the heart of this troupe.  The Big Apple Circus is one of my favorite parts of living here in the DC Metro area because I know it will always be a stop on its clever little circus tour.

The Big Apple Circus is in town until October 10. Tickets are available here and by calling.  Prices range from $15 and up.  Venue is heated in cold weather and air-conditioned in warm weather.


*Disclaimer:  I was given press tickets for the purpose of a review for the site, Mummy’s Product Reviews