On my commute into work the other day, I heard yet another report about food recalls due to salmonella, Listeria, insert scary-sounding word. It was another story in what seems to be regular “breaking” news these days. Eggs. Chicken. Turkey.

I listened with interest, of course. How can a mom help but listen for a brand, a packing plant, a grocery store, that might match up with what’s in her family’s fridge, soon to be eaten by young children?

But then I remembered, with (I will admit) a bit of smug pride, that I didn’t have to worry. We get all our meat, milk and eggs delivered from a small local farm. There was no need for me to wonder if the brand I bought was possibly packaged in the plant in question because I know the exact source of these food products. I can take my kids to see the free-roaming bug-eating chickens who produce our eggs. They can bottle-feed the calves who will later produce their milk.

Yes, it’s admittedly a bit more expensive than the bulk purchases we could pick up at the grocery store. But we make up for that hit on our very tight grocery budget by eating less meat and more vegetarian meals. And for me, the adorable glass bottles and peace of mind — not to mention the truly delicious products — are definitely worth it.

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