I admit that I am feeling out of my league by pretending to be the Health/Sports Editor for The DC Moms.   I am not the most avid of sports fans, but thanks to The Husband, I can at least hold my own if necessary!  It’s the Health part of it that confounds me.  As much as I strive toward a healthy lifestyle, I know I am not at all a healthy person.  Of course, I am comparing myself to marathon runners and those who prepare meals solely from their own garden.  I may never reach such a level of healthfulness; instead, I try to find ways to infuse healthy into my every day life.  Here I share five simple ways to to bring health to every day living:

1.  Eat more vegetables.
“More” can be defined however you would like.  More than the last time…more than the usual serving…more than one is still “more” in my book!  There are times when I am happy when my kids will consume even five pieces of edamame…it is more—and better!—than nothing.

2.  Walk more.
Park in the last row of the parking lot.  Take the stairs.  Go through the mall instead of parking outside your usual entrance.  Again, more is defined by you, and even a little at a time adds up to a lot over time.

3.  Order the Tall instead of the Grande or Venti.
In the case of ordering out, more is not always better.  By getting the Tall, you can still have that yummy thing, just not as much of it.

4. Drink lots of water.
It helps fill you up so you eat less, plus, it’s great for your skin!
A tip that works for me:  fill up the number of ounces you want to consume in a day, refrigerate overnight (I like my water super cold), and then make it a goal to drink it all the next day!

5.  Find a way to do tiny bits of exercise wherever you are
A few examples:  do arm curls when carrying grocery bags, work in a couple of stomach crunches before getting off the floor, choose to play an active video game (WiiFit or Wii Active Life Explorer) instead of a sedentary game.  And kiss your husband or partner often—even kissing burns calories (editor’s note:  The Husband wanted me to put that in)!

Bringing healthy to your life can start small, but find ways that you’ll stick to so that they will matter in the long run!