Sleeping Beauty on DVD

Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY DIAMOND EDITION came out this week, and I’ve been thinking about what an impact this movie made on me as a girl. It’s a great story, because even as a kid you know that her happy but hidden life with those fairies couldn’t continue when there was a curse on her head. And of course, way before Angelina Jolie played the role, Maleficent was a fascinating and creepy villain. Didn’t we all want to know just what made her so angry at baby Aurora? Here are five quick reasons to rewatch the Disney classic.

Watch the trailer for the DVD:

1. A new appreciation of Maleficent, after seeing Angelina Jolie rock the infamous Disney villain. Maleficent truly is a scary, scary character. She pops up and curses Aurora without giving a real explanation why. Oh, and of course her pet raven Diablo is also rather creepy.

2. The music, including “Once Upon a Dream,” one of the most beautiful Disney themes ever.

3. The three good fairies — Flora, Fauna and Merryweather — are hysterical. They are super silly and adorable little old fairies who quibble and fight ala the Golden Girls. So cute.

4. The similarities between SLEEPING BEAUTY and SNOW WHITE — even though Walt Disney didn’t want the two Princess stories to seem overly similar, the truth is that both follow a similar arc: a guileless, beautiful princess is cursed by an evil witch, sent into a dreamless sleep and must be woken up by true love’s kiss. What’s even more interesting about Sleeping Beauty is that she really doesn’t have many lines — she says the least of any Disney main character except for Dumbo (who doesn’t at all).

5. Bonus activities and kits, like these fun crafts to try with your kids.

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Or, this slumber party kit, for girls who who love “Sleeping Beauty”:

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