cookieMy daughter, age 6, loves the occasional moments when she gets to snag an iPad and indulge in some screen time. Unfortunately for her, the iPad is dominated by 4th grade games for her brother (the holder of many iTunes gift cards which gives him the ability to acquire games fairly easily), not 1st grade games. And while she does love a good run or two on Temple Run, she had no idea until very recently that there were options! Options that included age-appropriate games for her. When I was given the chance to test drive the ap Cookie Monster’s Challenge, I was curious to see how she’d respond.

I loaded the game onto the iPad and didn’t tell her anything else. Naturally, she noticed it immediately. As a person with very limited gaming experience, she started out a little befuddled by the whole thing. But as soon as she was able to orient herself in the game, she was off brushing Cookie’s teeth, dressing some monster, and helping him get ready for the day. The teeth brushing is so hilarious, my older son (age 7) cannot resist checking it out. In fact, we’ve had to trick the game by starting new profiles so my daughter can brush, and brush, and brush the teeth- rather than move onto the many other game levels!

It’s designed for someone a little younger than my daughter, but is totally appropriate for her since she has such limited exposure to gaming at this point in her life. My son and her have figured out ways to play together, and they are always laughing.

And really? What’s not to love about an app that rewards you by teaching you how to make funny cookies? Let’s just say in our house – this app fits right in. My daughter was pleased to deliver a cookie to Cookie Monster, and then come into the kitchen and join me for her own.

The graphics are cute, the game is fun, and my daughter insists on telling everyone how funny it is.

Elaine received a password to test out Cookie Monster’s Challenge. Her daughter fell instantly in love. She blog about her children and her running over at Connor and Helen Grow Up!