The original Netflix series “House of Cards” is my latest obsession. Have you watched it?

Staring Kevin Spacey as the House Majority Whip that you hate to love, Francis “Frank” Underwood, and Robin Wright as his beautiful and cunning wife, Claire, the show is completely addictive. As their first foray into original content, Netflix took a risk and released all 13 episodes immediately. I watched it over the course of about two weeks. Another woman I know watched the whole thing in one weekend! Recently I was with a group of fellow political junkies and two of them hadn’t seen it yet. I raved about it for 15 minutes straight and convinced them both to sign up for the 1 month free Netflix trial, guaranteeing them that they’d finish the season before their month was over.

But now that it’s been announced that the second season is currently being filmed in Baltimore, I can’t imagine that my friends won’t ante up for the monthly fee once the second season comes out. Netflix should be paying me a commission for all the people I’m talking into subscribing to watch this show!

In fact, since I introduced it to my parents on their recent visit, I’ve started watching it again myself. And I love it even more the second time through.

It’s that good.

I hate that I love Francis Underwood. He uses, and let’s be honest, gained, most of his political power through pure convincing manipulation, looking out for no one but himself. He’s the 2013 version of Machiavelli, and I guess I have to admit that I did have a certain affinity for The Prince as a college political science major. The idealistic optimist in me wishes I could say that isn’t how Washington works in real life, but I’ve lived and worked here long enough to know that, too often, that’s exactly how Washington works.

With season two currently in production and rumors that it will be released toward the end of 2013, I highly recommend that you jump on this bandwagon now. Already a fan? Tell me which character you hate to love or love to hate the most!

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