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My 7-year-old son has been my theater buddy for about five years now. He’s game to see just about any show — EXCEPT BALLET! Seven is turning out to be a unique theater age though, because he’s aging out of some of our regular children’s theater, but I still worry about the content and intensity of most “mainstage” shows. We’ve established a rule recently, that if either one of us is not enjoying a show, we’ll just leave. This allows me to feel free to walk if I don’t feel themes are appropriate, and gives him the ability to be a little more risky in show selection.

Last week, an invitation to Synetic Theater’s “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” arrived in my email, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. The last couple of things my son and I have seen (at other theaters!) have been dumpy, and I was starting to feel the pressure to get him to something that would sure to be good, lest I lose my little buddy.

I shouldn’t have worried. My son was thrilled to see the show’s opening last Saturday. I even leaned over and asked him if wanted to stay or go and he looked at me surprised saying “I like this show!” Both my son and I were impressed by the energy these actors brought to the stage – which my son noted afterwards must be very difficult. I was initially worried about the “misbehaving, swearing, bullying” Herdman children that are featured in the show. I don’t need examples of bad behaviors glorified on stage, that’s not at all what happens. Audience members don’t see anything that will shock or surprise.

This show has definitely been “Synetified”, and for those unfamiliar with Synetic Theater – that’s a good thing. This show provides a great twist on a common theme, which I recommend for children ages 7 through teens. Children will see the power of theater and possibly be captivated as my son was.

Synopsis: The church Christmas Pageant is usually a festive celebration by the Sunday School children…but not this year. This year the Herdman family, a bunch of rotten, misbehaving, swearing, bullying kids take part in the Christmas Pageant and all chaos breaks loose. Can the church learn to love even the most difficult of children? It could be a total disaster, or it just might be The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Tickets: $17 regular, $15 student & senior, group discounts. Family pack: $48 for 4 tix

Dates & times:

  • Fri 21 Dec 2012 10:00AM
  • Sat 22 Dec 2012 11:00AM
  • Sun 23 Dec 2012 11:00AM
  • Mon 24 Dec 2012 11:00AM
  • Wed 26 Dec 2012 11:00AM
  • Thu 27 Dec 2012 11:00AM

The theater is located in Crystal City and boasts free parking right beneath the theater! It’s also right across the street from the Crystal City Metro, making it very convenient for many people.

Disclosure: I received 2 free tickets to attend this show. All opinions are my own. I am also a season ticket subscriber to Synetic Theater (paid for by me!) – and Synetic is definitely my favorite theater in the area. Their regular shows are typically not intended for children, but if you’re looking for a night out without the kids, I definitely recommend this theater!

When Elaine is not coaxing her kids to see shows with her, she’s keeping track of the small moments over at Connor and Helen Grow Up.