Since Friday I’ve been cruising around town in a sweet GMC Terrain Denali, that, like Elaine, I’m utilizing as part of the DC Moms + General Motors Random Acts of Kindness campaign. Elaine took her Chevy Cruze on a road trip, and I’m driving the Terrain around town with the goal of bringing kindness to neighbors in my own community.

So I have a question for you: if you had some cash to spend on surprise kindnesses, would you spend a little bit on many different opportunities for kindness or would you make a substantive contribution to just one or two good causes? What a lucky thing to be pondering. I’d love to know both your thoughts and your reasons for how you would spread kindness, because I’ll be working on this all week.

Hi, pretty, clean, new-smelling car. I apologize in advance for all the Cheerios.

Whatever I do this week to spread kindness, I want to do so with my girls, who are at 5 and almost 7 are just old enough to begin to understand that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.  They want to help every person they see, and I applaud their hearts and want to teach them, somehow, both practicality and generosity.

Cozy in “the new car,” they won’t look at the camera because they’re too busy kicking at all that open, not-yet-Cheerioed leg room.

How do you teach kindness to your children? How do you teach charity? And with little, wide-eyed witnesses always strapped into the seats behind you, whom do you decide to help and how?

Next week, I’ll tell you how we spent GM‘s Random Acts of Kindness money. But this week, please share your ideas!

Honestly Clause:  The GM Northeast Team loaned me the GMC Terrain Denali (with a full tank of gas) to drive for the week and provided the funds for my random acts of kindness. I was not compensated in any other manner, and the opinions about the car are completely my own.


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