I don’t know about you but this ridiculous thing we are calling winter has me itching to add to my spring wardrobe.  I can’t think of a better way to start that process than by shopping the new designer collection by Jason Wu at Target.  Featuring over twenty different pieces the line touches on many of the season’s top trends as well as showing newcomers Wu’s signature style.  There are tiny pleats, delicate collars, primary colors and a classic yet very modern feel to the line.  I couldn’t help but think how very vintage and sweet it all looks.

What I Love:  The Wu for Target collection has two handbags that stand out.  They are boxy, retro and very 2012.  This season is all about saying goodbye to the slouchy purses we’ve been toting around and trading them in for some much needed structure.  We want our politicians to have backbone and now we want our purses to have them too. Heh.

The LBD.  You need one for almost any occasion and you can find a great one for under $60 in this line.  Not a whole lot of detail beyond the underskirt but it is a nice fitted piece with a flattering cut.  The addition of a thin khaki belt is simple and gorgeous all at once.  I have a feeling this is the item that will sell out the fastest.  If the Little Black Dress isn’t for you Wu has created a white and black version as well.  Can I help it if I want both?  Only my budget will decide.

When it comes to designer for Target series prices can be all over the place.  We all remember how the Missoni line of 2011 priced over $100 for some items.  Prices for the Jason Wu set range from $20-60 and that includes accessories.  Scarves, socks and purse price points are right in there with the blouses, sweaters, dresses and skirts.  The collection is full of affordable style that is on trend but not trendy.

The Jason Wu for Target collection will be in stores starting February 5, 2012.  Get it while you still can!