If there was ever a wardrobe staple I have coveted for and never purchased it would be the tuxedo jacket.  I have wanted one ever since I was a small child. Yes, really.  Maybe that makes me a bit of a freak but then again I did design my own fashion magazines as a kid.

I just purchased a pair of black cigarette style pants to wear with some gorgeously high heels this New Year’s Eve and while my mind was edging towards a striped sequined tank style top (very big this NYE) it suddenly swayed back to the popular  tuxedo jacket.  This time in white with black lapels.  So where can you find one if you choose to go for this look?

Try New York & Co. for a real steal of a deal. They have black and white options in stretch marked down to $39!  It’s glamorous and has a silky lapel that makes a statement.  Hitting right at the hips it works on many shapes.

ASOS is another great place to shop and they are selling a white and black accented tuxedo jacket for petites.  Accented with a black button and in a boxier fit it will look great with a short dress or skirt and even a pair of jeans.

Even Sears is getting in on the trend with a beautifully shaped jacket made of jersey.  At $93 it is a good deal for such a versatile piece and one that can be worn many ways. Pair it with bold colored jeans or a pair of skinny  or slim creased pants.

Everywhere you look, especially online, stores are selling this classic staple.  From Urban Outfitters to JC Penney you can find a style, fit and price to match what you are looking for right now.  And there is no better time to buy such a great jacket than for ringing in the new year!