By contributing writer Yogi Almendras Carroll

When our family trip to Disney World was canceled in April 2020, we were disappointed but knew it was for the best at the time. We received “store credit” and we would have to find the time and window of opportunity to get down to Florida eventually. Fast forward to February 2022, and we are still trying to find that window. 

Enter Disney on Ice at the Capital One Arena. Without the flight, or headache of figuring out Genie pass, we enjoyed the magic of Disney for two hours. It was a nice escape and an appetizer for the real deal in the Sunshine State. 

We enjoyed every minute of it. The costumes were miniature ice skate friendly versions of familiar princess gowns. The Disney cast showed entertaining choreography and impressive athleticism with leaps, pirouettes, and lifts with releases that made you hold your breath. 

The songs were familiar, and we sang along loudly with everyone else. Selections from Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan and Frozen were some of the longer segments. There were cameos by all of the classic (older) Disney Princesses. We were pleasantly surprised with small pyrotechnics and lovely falling snow. Every child had wide eyes and what I imagine were big smiles under their tiny masks. 

The Disney company knows how to entertain their demographic. Young kids from newborns to grade schoolers wore recognizable gowns, Mickey ears, and Buzz Lightyear suits. There was no shortage of peddlers with light up scepters, sabers and bubble wands; and the beverages were sold in Simba shaped cups. All this to say, prepare yourself for the temptations. 

Another helpful note is to familiarize yourself with Capital One Arena’s bag policy. If you’re traveling with little ones, diaper bags are totally okay. If you are with older children, no backpacks or bags larger than 5 x 7 inches. 

In short, if you’re looking for an indoor entertainment option, I highly recommend Disney On Ice this week.